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A male darwin’s frog

It’s is always fun to find Dawin’s Frogs (Rhinodema darwinii) in the field. On amphibian surveys last year, we encountered this male with babies in his vocal sac.

Rhinoderma darwinii, November 2014, No1, LR-M

Rhinoderma darwinii, November 2014, No5, LR-M

Rhinoderma darwinii,  November 2014, No3, LR-M


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  1. darleen beard says on January 29 2016 at 14:39:

    is the Northern Darwin’s frog extinct? I’m getting confusing messages by looking them up online. Some say it’s extinct, but now you say it isn’t. Do you know? thank you. I am writing a children’s book about endangered frogs and that is why I’m asking.
    Also, do frogs close their eyes? I’m getting conflicting info on that too. AND, do all frogs have the ability to change their color or just some frogs?
    Is there anyone with your organization who would be interested in looking at my manuscript to check for frog description accuracy? If so, I will mention their names in my dedication page at the front of the book. thank you! Darleen Bailey Beard

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