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Monthly Archive for November 2011

Back in the Field

We have been working in the field to collect specimens for captive assurance colonies. We have also been monitoring for emergent infectious disease. Here are a few shots from this field trip.

Our field work is often times set where the Andes Mountains are in the background. This is actually a time exposure of the moon rising over the Andes.

When surveying localities with old growth forest, we sometimes come across special plants. This is a special fern (probably a species of Blechnum) common to older growth forest.

One of us setting up along a stream to take a photograph.

The southern beech forests of south Chile are special places. The trees can grow to old ages and their presence develops leaf litter on the forest floor that many Chilean amphibians prefer to live within.

Every now and again the biting flies get thick.

From a side profile, Darwin’s Frogs (Rhinoderma darwinii) may not appear all that cryptic.

Looking down from above, Darwin’s Frogs are very cryptic and blend in best with bamboo leaf litter.

Darwin’s Frogs come in a variety of colors and patterns. This specimen is particularly attractive.


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